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Best Omega 3 Supplement Review 2016

Considering the large number of omega 3 supplements on the market, it is often hard for consumers to choose the best ones. When buying nutritional supplements, it is imperative that you make an informed decision as buying a low quality product can be a waste of money or even a health hazard. In fact, in 2010, ten different fish oil products were found to contain dangerous levels of toxins – read the story here. Some types of omega 3 supplements are dangerous because they come from high-toxin sources; these are seal oil, shark oil and green lipped mussel oil.

How were Omega 3 Supplements Rated?

We rated over 50 different omega 3 supplements based on purity, safety, source, EPA and DHA concentration, and cost (in order of decreasing priority).

Overall Best Omega 3 Supplements

1. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega - 180 Softgels, 1000 mg each

Nordic Naturals is currently the best fish oil supplement brand and their product 'Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega' is the very best omega 3 supplement. It is IFOS (International Fish Oils Standards) approved, which means that it classifies as an ultra high grade fish oil (pharmaceutical grade) and is molecularly distilled. It is extensively tested to meet very strict standards of purity and quality and you can find its certificate of analysis here. Nordic Natural's Ultimate Omega is exceptionally high in omega 3 content, containing 350mg of EPA per 1000mg and 250mg DHA per 1000mg. Cost per 1000mg: $0.33. Cost per 100mg DHA: $0.13


2. Barlean's Ultra EPA DHA Capsules – 60 Softgels, 1000mg each

Barleans's Ultra EPA DHA came in a very close second. It is also an IFOS approved, pharmaceutical grade, molecularly distilled omega 3 supplement. Certificate of analysis can be read here.Barlean's Ultra EPA DHA contains 392mg EPA per 1000mg and 200mg DHA per 1000mg. Cost per 1000mg: $0.33. Cost per 100mg DHA: $0.16




3. DEVA Vegan Vitamins Vegan DHA (Algae) – 90 Softgels, 200mg each. Vegan

DEVA's algae based omega 3 product was rated as the third best omega 3 supplement on the market. It contains no animal products and is certified by the Vegan Society. Certificate of analysis is not available online but toxins are not known to be an issue with algae based omega 3 supplements. Although the cost per 1000mg is considerably higher than other omega 3 supplements, this is because DEVA Vegan DHA is 100% DHA. Actually, the cost per 100mg of DHA works out to be cheaper than many other non-vegan omega 3 supplements. Cost per 1000mg: $1.11. Cost per 100mg DHA: $0.11



Best Omega 3 for Kids

Omega 3 supplements are very important for children, as DHA is vital for proper brain development. It is also essential that supplements given to children are pure and free from contaminants. Unfortunately, very few kids' supplements manufacturers are IFOS certified and only a handful make their certificate of analysis available to the public. Our recommended product is Nordic Naturals Children's DHA, 250mg, Chewable Soft Gels. They are IFOS certified and you can find their certificate of analysis here. The soft gels are chewable and a number of flavours are available, making this supplement very popular with the kids. Nordic Naturals' Children's DHA contains 82mg EPA per 1000mg and 125mg DHA per 1000mg. Cost per 1000mg: $0.40. Cost per 100mg DHA: $0.10

Check out our exclusive omega 3 supplements comparison guide below:

Top Rated Omega 3 Supplements Comparison Chart



Certificate of Analysis Available Online

EPA content per 1000 mg

DHA content per 1000 mg

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians

Cost per 1000mg of Omega 3($)

Cost per 100mg DHA ($)


Nordic Natural's Ultimate Omega








Barlean's Ultra EPA DHA








DEVA Vegan Vitamins Vegan DHA (Algae)

No, but contamination not an issue with algae based supplements

0 (DHA only)


Yes, certified by the Vegan Society



Best Omega 3 for Kids

Nordic Naturals Children's DHA, Chewable Soft Gels








You will note that we do not have any calamari oil (squid oil) or krill oil products in our list of top omega 3 supplements. This is not because we do not believe in the potential of these products - in fact these two sources have some advantages over fish oil and are considered to be very safe. However, both these supplements are relatively new on the market, and we felt that currently there isn't enough research to compare them with fish oil and algae oil products. We will revise our list once more studies are carried out.